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Anna Chiara II - La Quercia - Appartement Erica
Villa with pool and 3 apartments in "Val Canina" near Sassetta. Erica has one bedroom and beds for 3-5 - suitable for the disabled
Holiday flat
max. 5 persons
approx. 55 m²
Borgo il Massera | Loggiato
Monteverdi Marittimo
Four apartments in three wonderful houses with a large swimming pool near the river "Massera" Large communal room between Fico and Pero, can be hired with one or both these flats
Extra room
max. 2 persons
approx. 50 m²
Il Rustico | Paco
Marina di Castagneto
Lovely country house with 2 flats on grounds below Castagneto Carducci monolocale Paco für 2-3- people.
Monolocale/One room flat
max. 3 persons
approx. 25 m²
Podere Poggiali | Quadrilocale - 4 room app.
4 room apartment for 5-7 people in a wonderful old manor house near Montescudaio, with pool. Well cared for grounds.
Quadrilocale/Four room flat
max. 8 persons
approx. 90 m²
Villa Giulia - I Daini 1 - Roe Deer
In 3 buildings there are 7 flats, nesting (it appears) in a garden of Eden arranged around a large pool. This small building is furthest from the entrance, between pool and enclosure for the deer, with 2 flats – I Daini 2 with 2 bedrooms
Holiday house
max. 4 persons
approx. 35 m²