Monteverdi Marittimo

Monteverdi MarittimoThe village of Monteverdi Marittimo lies, as do many of the Tuscan villages, on one of the hills of the region.  The centre of the village is reached by a small road that winds its way up the hill; here is the pride of the inhabitants, a large and architecturally interesting rebuilt market square where the annual festivals with fire work displays take place.  General shopping can be done in the village, for more choice, one can shop in Donoratico and Venturina.  The beaches at Castagneto di Mare or the Gulf of Baratti can be reached by car.

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Borgo il Massera | Limone
Monteverdi Marittimo
Borgo il Massera has four apartments in three wonderful houses with a large swimming pool near the river "Massera" Limone has 3 bedrooms and is for 6+3
max. 9 persons
approx. 90 m²
Borgo il Massera | 2 Appartements: Fico und Pero
Monteverdi Marittimo
Fico and Pero are 2 flats, one at each end of a large building with beautiful recreation room (logattio) between which can be used for extra beds.
max. 5 persons
approx. 70 m²
Borgo il Massera | Uva
Monteverdi Marittimo
Four apartments in three wonderful houses with a large swimming pool near the river "Massera" Monolocale – small flat with one bedroom for 2 people
Holiday house
max. 4 persons
approx. 40 m²
Ca' Cecia
Monteverdi Marittimo
A large detached house with many cubic metres of cool and newly built rooms. There are also different shaded seating areas outside with deck chairs. 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
Holiday house
max. 6 persons
approx. 100 m²
La Casa sull'Arcobaleno - the house on the rainbow - big flat
Monteverdi Marittimo
Very cosy small 2 storey house with 2 flats for one or two acquainted families. Larger 1st. floor flat for 4-6 people
Holiday flat
max. 6 persons
approx. 75 m²